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Change settings Use these Manage menu commands: Rename Computer and Set Network Startup. Delete and replace items Use these Manage menu commands: Copy Items, Install Package, and Empty Trash. Also delete items from report windows. This item must be enabled in order to use the Upgrade Client feature. Send text messages Use these Interact menu commands: Send Message and Chat. Restart and shut down Use these Manage menu commands: Sleep, Wake Up, Restart, and Shut Down. This item must be enabled in order to use the Upgrade Client Software feature.

Take care to store such custom installers securely. 3 on a client computer. You can use ARD’s Upgrade Client Software feature to upgrade the clients to version 2. Before upgrading clients, you need to prepare the clients for administration by enabling ARD and granting ARDadministrator privileges. To upgrade existing client software using ARD: 1 Enable Remote Desktop sharing on the clients, and grant ARD administrator privileges. 3 Clients for Administration” on page 34. 2 If the computers are not in an existing Remote Desktop computer list, find the client computers using an ARD scanner.

Computer lists have the following capabilities: • You can create as many lists as you want. • Each list can have up to 1000 computers in it. • The Master List can have up to the number of computers your license allows. • Computers can appear in more than one list. • Lists can be made in any grouping you can imagine: geographic, functional, hardware configuration, even color. Creating an ARD Computer List You can make more specific, targeted lists of computers from your Master List. The easiest way to make a new list is to use computers already in the Master List.

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