Anxiety & Phobia Workbook by Edmund Bourne PhD

By Edmund Bourne PhD

This functional workbook encompasses a whole dialogue of phobias and nervousness issues and indicates step by step tools of treating them. every one bankruptcy concludes with a precis of "Things to Do" and an inventory of prompt additional studying. Questionnaires, workouts, and charts are featured through the booklet.

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The list of nominees for this position includes sexual seduction by adults, which Freud abandoned when he realized that his patients had been telling him fantasies and not recollections; the so-called birth-trauma, originally propounded by Otto Rank and accepted for a while with reservations by Freud, which tried to explain the human propensity to anxiety by referring it to a universally experienced shocking event; the discovery of the anatomical differences between the sexes which, it was inferred, led to fear of castration in boys and in girls to the conviction that they had already been castrated; separation from the mother in infancy leading to anxiety derived from the infant's recognition of its own helplessness and separateness; and fear of being overwhelmed by the strength of one's own impulses, this last being of a different order to the others since it refers not to the impact of the outside world on the child but to its sensing a disparity of strength between different parts of itself.

The pain of care and solicitude is the distress 17 A n x i e t y a n d N e u r o s i s of one person over the suffering of another, while the pain of automatic anxiety is that of the self experiencing its own disintegration. The tendency of Freud and other psycho-analysts to regard fright and panic as forms of anxiety derives in part from the fact that Freud wrote in German. *Angst\ the German word used by Freud, is regularly translated into English as 'anxiety', but it has, it seems, a meaning which is in some ways closer to that of the English word 'anguish* and evokes the ideas of distress and fear more readily than it does that of expectancy.

It is something which makes the bottom fall out of his world and which compels him either to recognize precociously the uncertainty and insecurity of the human condition, in which case he will grow up wise and unhappy but not ill, or to institute defences to enable him to deny that the disillusioning disaster has really occurred, in which case he will unconsciously shy away from anything that might remind him of the trauma, and become, as I shall explain in a later chapter, an inhibited person and a potential neurotic.

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