Antenna Handbook - Related Topics by Y.T. Lo

By Y.T. Lo

Quantity 1: Antenna basics and Mathematical concepts opens with a dialogue of the basics and mathematical recommendations for any type of paintings with antennas, together with uncomplicated rules, theorems, and formulation, and methods. DLC: Antennas (Electronics)

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See Figure 2-8 for an example of a picture folder. Usually images are stored in a Picture folder but you may have stored your images in another folder on your computer. Your folder and file system structure will probably look different than those in Figure 2-8; basically you are looking for an image on your hard drive. When you find an image to open, click Open, as shown in Figure 2-8. Figure 2-8. Pop-up window in GIMP showing images in a Picture folder located on a hard drive. Different computer operating systems will have slightly different ways of displaying files located on your hard drive.

Try also copy and paste. First, use a Tool from the Toolbox to select an area on an image, then go to Edit ➤ Copy, and then Edit ➤ Paste to paste it somewhere else on your image. 32 CHAPTER 2 ■ GETTING TO KNOW THE GIMP WORKSPACE Select Menu Many of the items in the Select menu are used on selected areas of an image (see Figure 2-16). • All selects the whole image. • None is useful when you wish to remove a selection. • Invert reverses the current selection. Everything that was outside the selection is now included and vice versa.

15 CHAPTER 2 ■ GETTING TO KNOW THE GIMP WORKSPACE In this chapter, we show you how to open GIMP and give you a tour of GIMP’s tools and features. We also show you how to set the workspace to single-window mode, which makes finding things easier. The chapter has some quizzes to help you check your progress. Because this is a book for beginners, at any one time, you will be using only a couple of options. Importantly we will show you clearly where and how to do a task at the time we are discussing the task.

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