Anarchy After Leftism by Bob Black

By Bob Black

A respond to, and an attack on, Murray Bookchin's 'Social Anarchism Or way of life Anarchism,' Bookchin himself, Bookchinism, and so known as 'anarcho-leftism.'

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N 61 Wilh organizations, especially large-scale ones, the means Irnd to displace the ends; the division of labor engenders Inequality of power, officially or otherwise; and representa­ lives, by virtue of greater interest, experience, and access to rxpertise, effectively supplant those they represent. We agree with the Dean that "the words 'representative democracy,' IlIken literally, are a contradiction in terms" (1987: 245). I n lither words, "delegated authority entails hierarchy" (Dahl 1')90: 72).

T the r (Novick 1 9 . �h. 13). b! ectIVIty in any absolute sense is illusory a cul t elIsh, a chIldIsh craving for an unaUainable Cer t't I ude. 'Jntellectuals, neurotics--;. e in a political context, I'd eol ogues-uhave to d0 WIth ' the invisible and believe in it, " .. they h . ave always kept be� ore theIr agam an intrinsicall . ' eyes y vaI'd I Importance of the obiect an ;J ;: ;� :��:j���� > � " , 91 absolute value of it, as if the doll were not the most impor­ lant thing to the child, the Koran to the Turk" (Stimer 1995: 295).

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