Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits by Paul R. Gray

By Paul R. Gray

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The enhancement-mode NMOS device of Fig. 26 shows significant conduction between source and drain only when an n-type channel exists under the gate. This observation is the origin of the n-channel designation. The term enhancement mode refers to the fact that no conduction occurs for Vcs = 0. Thus, the channel must be enhanced to cause conduction. MOS devices can also be made by using an n-type substrate with a p-type conducting channel. Such devices are called enhancement-mode p-channel MOS (PMOS) transistors.

The variation of Ic with VCEis called the Early effect, and V A is a common model parameter for circuit-analysis computer programs. 10 Bipolar transistor output characteristics showing the Early voltage, V A . for integrated-circuit transistors are 15 to 100 V. The inclusion of Early effect in dc bias calculations is usually limited to computer analysis because of the complexity introduced into the calculation. However, the influence of the Early effect is often dominant in smallsignal calculations for high-gain circuits and this point will be considered later.

2 the effect of changes in collector-emitter voltage VCEon the large-signal characteristics of the transistor was described. 57) in ( 1 . 1 l 1 ) gives AVCE - V A - ro AI, I, where V Ais the Early voltage and r, is the small-signal output resistance of the transistor. Since typical values of V A are 50 to 100 V, corresponding values of r, are 50 to 100 ki2 for Ic = 1mA. Note that r, is inversely proportional to I,, and thus r, can be related to g,, as are many of the other small-signal parameters.

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