Advanced signal processing by D.J. Creasey

By D.J. Creasey

Covers the various elements of recent sign processing platforms from the transduction unit via to the exhibit

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11 Shelf life. Vacuum microwave devices can be built to have shelf lives of a decade or more, but only with moderate reliablity and at the expense of extra care in manufacture. There should be no problem with semiconductor devices. 12 Conclusions on the power conversion aspect It is evident that the above factors are not free from mutual conflict, but collectively they will tend to be in opposition to signal quality; also that the application will often exert a strong pressure in favour of adopting a particular power conversion technology.

A typical configuration is that of the Mach Zehnder, or ring interferometer, in which the intermediate frequency shift is provided by a Bragg cell in the reference arm [Hall, (3)]. Light arriving from the sensor arm, with its acoustic phase modulation, is mixed at the photodiode with the up- (or down-) shifted reference light. The output of the diode is a phase modulated carrier at the intermediate frequency. The signal can be extracted from this carrier by conventional techniques. 3 Practical systems The linear nature of thefibresensor holds forth the possibility of very large scale underwater sensors.

In large ship or submarine mounted arrays it is usual to provide a sonar dome to stand the flow away from the sensor surface. We shall consider very briefly the part that each of these components can play in the rejection of the various noise sources. 3 The hydrophone The hydrophone is an electrochemical device that measures pressure. Both the pressure field and the electrical components of the hydrophone will be subject to thermal noise. A simple analysis of the hydrophone response yields the not surprising result that a lossless 100% efficient hydrophone produces a thermally induced electrical noise output equivalent to the thermally induced pressure field around it.

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