4th Panzer Division on the Eastern Front: 1941-1943 v. 1 by Robert Michulec

By Robert Michulec

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The 9T452 uses the same chassis as the launch vehicle and carries 16 rockets. Once the resupply vehicle is aligned with the launch vehicle, the on-board crane is used to transfer a rocket to a loading rail and a mechanical rammer pushes the rocket into the launch tube. 5kg pressure activated mines) 9M27K3 AP mine (Cluster – 312 PFM-1 mines) 9M27S Incendiary 9M51 Thermobaric 9M59 AT mine (Cluster – 9 PTM-3 5kg magnetically activated mines) In addition to the spin during launch, folding fins at the rear of the rocket also provide stabilization.

Guns, Mortars, and Rockets, Brassey’s, London (1997) Morozow, M. and M. ru 47 INDEX Note: locators in bold refer to illustrations and captions. All military hardware listed is Soviet/Russian unless otherwise stated. 1T-2M topographic survey vehicle 45 accuracy 4, 5, 9, 28, 28 advantages over guns 4 armored train launchers 13 artillery command and control vehicles 45–46 attack at Orsha C(18)19 batteries 17, 20–21 battle of Berlin, the D(22)23 battle of Stalingrad, the 21, 22 British adaptation of Indian rocket launchers 4–5 chassis 4x4 GAZ-63/63A 26 Chevrolet G-7171 12, 24 GAZ-AAA truck chassis 12 MAZ-79111 42 MZKT-7930 37–40 STZ-5 8, 8 Ural-4320 29, 30 ZiL-135 36, 36, 37 ZiS(ZiL)-151 14, 24, 26 Chechen conflict, the D(22) Chinese use of rocket launchers 4 conflict in Ukraine 22–24, 29, F(34) Congreve, Sir William 5 Creation and Development of Rocket Artillery in the First Phase of the War (article) 21–22 density of MRL artillery along the front 18 design flaws 12, 13 designator formats for MRLs 7, 8, 37 Directive 002490 on the use of rocket launchers 20–21 evolution of 122mm MRLs 28 exports 21, 25, 25, 27, 28, 37, 41, 44, 45, E(30) fin stabilization 6, 7, 13, 24, 26, 27, 29, 37, E(30) Flerov, Capt.

Most of the rockets have fallen short. However, one rocket flew long and landed approximately 12–15 meters from a civilian bus waiting to proceed through the checkpoint. Twelve people were killed, including nine women and a child, and another 17 were wounded. The conflict has been marked by Russian or separatist use of MRLs against civilians, including those in heavily populated urban areas. 5 The 9P138. It did not have the suspension locks of the BM-21 as evidenced by the presence of stabilizing jacks at the rear of the vehicle.

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