131 Magic Tricks for Amateurs by Will Dexter

By Will Dexter


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Exclusive Magic Tricks

This publication additionally contains reliable magic tips that may be used to shock any physique

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Thunderstruck, I turned to the girl for confirmation, only to find the doorway was empty. My mysterious visitor had disappeared as suddenly as she had arrived. “This could be a trap, you know,” Massha said thoughtfully. ” Guido nodded. “Take it from someone who’s been on the lam himself. When you’re running from the law and there are only a couple of people who can find you, it gets real tempting to eliminate that link. ” “It wouldn’t take a mental giant to figure out that you and Aahz are the most likely hunters for the Deveels to hire.

Two figures appeared, a young couple by the look of them, talking and laughing merrily as they went. They looked pretty normal to me, which was a distinct relief, considering the forms I had had to imitate in some of the other dimensions. They were humanoid enough to pass for Klahds… or Jahks, actually, as they were a bit pale. Their dress was not dissimilar from my own, though a bit more colorful. Absorbing all this in a glance, I decided to make my first try for information. I mean, after all my fears, they were so familiar it was almost a letdown, so why not bull ahead?

But his rebuttals always left me feeling like I’d been listening to someone doing readings in another language, so of late I’ve been tending to avoid the discussions. ” For a change, I had an answer for this infuriating question. “This road has to go somewhere. ” “I thought we already knew that,” Guido said under his breath. ” I gave him my best dark glare. “I believe there was some debate as to whether or not we were being lied to about Aahz being held prisoner. If there’s a road here, it’s a cinch that neither my partner nor the ones he was chasing built it.

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